p jørgensen is a composer & sound artist based in copenhagen, denmark.

"It shouldn't take you longer than two seconds to figure out that
this is one of the releases no to miss this year."


On the one hand, 'Hanne & Kim', 'Til Canada' and 'Palimpsest (For Strings)' rub shoulders with the lyrical, Max Richter school of film scoring, but then Jørgensen goes and upsets all expectations by unleashing an incredible electronic soundscape like 'Isvinter'. The likes of 'Love (Radiomontage)' and 'Astoria' prove to be especially outstanding as ambient drone-style entries, and the frozen-over 'Luxembourg' would be worthy of Stephan Mathieu.

"Drone music of the highest order."
-vital weekly

Effectively, Jørgensen has re-invented the album as a creative sun around which a galaxy of ideas and implications rhizomatically revolve. It is a return to the essence of what music by its very nature has always been: A stimulation of all senses, of emotion and intellect alike. It is not a conceptual error, if the movie to which these sounds were scripted, should not be part of the package as well: If the music is as suggestive as in this case, the images are always already implied.
-tobias fisher, tokafi

A piece of work that is instantly striking due to some awesome sound
design and sublime textures which continue throughout the CD....
Ranging from the powerful to the minimal, the relaxed to the intense
and pretty much every flavour in between....
A huge recommendation on this one. Wonderful."


"Impressing as a complete and concise statement."


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