august / reviews

Gold Beach has been out for a couple months now and has received some really nice & flattering reviews:
Norman Records rates the album 8/10 & writes that "...Jørgensen uses understatement and suggestion so that the atmospheres creep in at the edge of your awareness."
According to A Closer Listen "Gold Beach is a masterful effort that makes a lasting impact."
"...the more I listened to this, all the more details I started to discover, the many layers this record has. There is happening a lot here, and on a lot of levels. This makes that this record has a great sonic depth.... Excellent record!"

- Vital Weekly

june 4th / gold beach

today low point released my third full length album entitled gold beach. this album has been a long time coming, as i initially started composing the opening and closing tracks back in late 2010 while touring the uk.
this vinyl release features beautiful contributions from christoph berg on strings, jeppe skjold on reeds & anders provis on drums & cymbals. cover photography by acclaimed photographer christina capetillo. linernotes & coverdesign by architect & director morten meldgaard. mastered for vinyl by taylor deupree.
to stream the entire album and order you own copy visit the low point store.


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