works / discography


p jørgensen / gold beach (low point, 2014)
full length vinyl album released june 4th featuring christoph berg on strings, jeppe skjold on reeds & anders provis on drums & cymbals.
cover photography by acclaimed photographer christina capetillo & linernotes by architect & director morten meldgaard. mastered by taylor deupree
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gareth hardwick & pjørgensen / split (low point, 2012)
12" split
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p jørgensen / palimpsest for strings, two variations (under the spire, 2010)
3" businesscard cd-r featuring two variations of a stringpiece written by jørgensen & performed by peter broderick. taken from the movie kim.
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p jørgensen / soundtrack_remix (under the spire, 2010)
the first disc of this 2cd features nineteen tracks originally created for the filmscore of the movie kim. the second disc sees ten of jørgensens favorite artists reworking the orignal sourcematerial. mastered specifically for cd release by denis blackham. eassy by morten meldgaard. printed by stumptown printers.
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p jørgensen / luminara (selfreleased, 2009)
3" cd-r containing a twenty minute piece based on the decay of a single pianochord. produced in a very limited handnumbered edition of 52, the release was sold while on tour in the UK.
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p jørgensen / to (low point, 2009)
second full length solo album mastered by greg davis.
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p jørgensen / lets the sun drag itself out in a long ray (monotype recs, 2007)
solo debut on warsaw based monotype records.
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filmscoring & audiovisual work with director morten meldgaard

kim (2009), atlantik (2006), højre hånd (2003)



compilations / remixes etc

various / air texture volume II (air texture, 2012)
contributed the piece 401 to this 2cd compilation curated by loscil & rafael anton irisarri.
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christoph berg / paraphrases (facture, 2012)
cd version of this album features a jørgensen remix of the piece falling asleep.

various / minute papillon (second language, 2011)
beautifully packaged compilation of sixty one minute tracks. contributed the closing track sun setting over a lake.
sold out

various / kanshin (fluid audio, 2011)
a 2cd compilation put together to raise money for the recovery in japan following the march earthquake. a collaboration with ian hawgood.

variuos / debauches bequeathal asteroid tarot (bsbta, 2006)
very limited cd-r compilation on the enigmatic now defunct label.
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